Visitors/Consumers/Searchers looking for a place where they can find one stop solutions; nearly all of us have some pre recorded anticipations in our mind while searching for things;

  • Bring me to the right page
  • Help me navigate
  • Give me the right results when I search
  • Display groups of products clearly
  • Give me the product details I need
  • Registration optional
  • Easy to buy or enquire
  • Reassurance
  • FAQs


Bear in mind there is no one hard and fast rules for making your website work better. With ‘Will the Shopper’ we’ve highlighted common areas to examine in order to improve performance. in order to identify areas for improvement, diagnose what causes visitors to leave your site, test to find improvements and implement changes that drive results for your site.

So What Should Be a Marketer Goal?

Your ad/message (paid or non paid) convinced them to click. You landing page convince them to stick around for at least a minute. Elements of landing pages might include:

  1. Design elements that can have a direct impact on bail factor. Does this look professional or amateurish?
  2. Wording in your headline and its relevance to the visitor
  3. Graphics that apply directly to the key benefit of the page, rather than generic “fell good” stuff
  4. Overall length of copy, combined with perceived readability (tiny type, reverse type)
  5. Layout: Will this be hard to figure out or does it look fairly straightforward?
  6. Consistency equals to conversion. Ideally you want an individual to experience precisely the same wording,
    look, and feel through the entire conversion process.

Ad headline => click link words => LP headline => LP submit button

Must have Elements on a Landing Page

  • Logo (generally on the clickable Hero shot (to the left of the text if possible). Easier for human eye.
  • Conversion action link or button
  • Headline
  • Quick offer explanation
  • Longer product/service explanation
  • Links to more info
  • Forms and descriptive tags next to each field
  • Tagline describing what your brand does or stands for Security and reassuring elements
  • Testimonials: textual or include photos or audio/video (e.g. “as seen on TV”)
  • Technical specifications
  • Guarantees (e.g. create own trust labels: free shipping, money-back guarantee, etc.)
  • Rich Media elements (streamed video/audio, Flash)
  • Fine print at bottom (copyright, legal)

Websites with a Focus on Usability & Conversions
Nawaz Shahzad

Nawaz Shahzad

My name is Nawaz Shahzad and my strengths are Strategic Internet Marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Direct Response Engagements, Online Conversion Techniques, Social Media Optimization & Marketing, Mobile Advertising and Online Brand Reputation Management. For last 11 years i worked for top names in the online marketing industry. Currently working for one of worlds biggest media agency in UAE as an marketing consultant. Some of the industries i worked for are Airline Clients, Top Banks, International Automative Clients, Top Hotels, Telecommunication companies and many more...

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