Businesses using SEO need to have everything laid out to help them build super websites that only go up in the search engine result pages (SERPS) never fall from the list. So what we need to do and where to start from and how to construct new websites with these updates in mind.

  1. Build a site with easy to memorize domain name, ideally if it’s your brand name. Keep in mind that you are in a process to build a solid online business not just a search engine optimized site.
  2. Stimulate your website traffic through your earned links (back links). Try to use the new fashioned approach to build back links for e.g.put backlinks where people are gathering and spend time. Other ways is to write blog posts on authority sites then link back to your website. Focus on other user generated content platforms for e.g. put up some good videos and create a YouTube channel which linked to your website.

Remember don’t get tempted for spamming and try to get results over nightly. A lot of the SEO pros swear more by link velocity than quantity or quality. Always go for the quality and relevancy and try to build a reputable image instead of a shady image.

Use social networking sites from the Hi5, Meetup, Facebook, Pinterest, Reedit, Twitter& Google+ whether you like it or not this is a new way of doing SEO under Web 2.0, Penguin & Panda presence. All of these are prowling to hunt you down if you move a foot toward a wrong side 🙂 instead focusing on social signaling & socially generated user generated content “UGC” helps you building solid backlinks to your website. You can drive traffic through them and it makes your site appear as an authority.

Bottom line for all search engines to put you on top of SERPs is your

Domain Authority/Web page Authority.

So let’s start working from today: The magic of SEO today and for the future is moving around quality content and drive traffic through your off page marketing techniques/backlinks. If you simply do that your online business will breed! Creating multiple traffic streams, making your business more searchable which means you are more branded and will eventually increase your SERP rankings (Easy Job Isn’t it).

SEO, Website & Search Rankings A True Bond
Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan

Rehan is an Online Search - Social Media & Conversion Specialist. As senior marketing professional he possesses over 11 years experience in this industry. In today's world where the real commitment and client sincerity has lost its meaning, he is not ready to let go the golden era of 80's. For a peace of mind, he loves to hang around in quarries across UK discovering underwater nature as a trained scuba diver.

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