Free & Paid Website Audit Tool

From Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch SEO Tool crawls your whole website pages  just like search engines & highlight weak areas on your web pages so later  you can fix it. This free online tool not only provide you the technical side of information on your website but also helps you to evaluate your web pages/ domain name score, online authority & link juice. Every piece of information support you implementing SEO and all the important technical aspects.


Google Webmaster Tools

One of the strongest tool enabling webmasters to evaluate Google search indexing problems, keyword visibility issues (impressions, clicks, click-through rate, average position), overall website speed & much more technical stuff to cover up your off page optimization efforts.


Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools mainly supportive as it comes to information related to website content performance: content crawled, page indexing and page traffic. As of now the tools doesn’t yet provide as much information as Google Webmaster Tools.


Yahoo Web Analytics Tool

Very customizable analytics solution similar to Sitecatalyst of Omniture but the good thing it is free. The only disappointment is that you can’t necessarily given an access instantly for that matter you must be knowing someone who is a member of the Yahoo Consultant Network.


Google Trends & Insight for Search

User friendly tool that can provide estimated traffic to almost any website, category and further provide information on visitor’s region, other websites traffic, and search term rising popularity.


Google Keyword Tool

Google AdWords, keyword tool gives keyword number of searches for last 30 days, including information such as level of competition, global monthly searches, local monthly searches, and local search trending.


Chrome SEO Site Tool

The SEO tool which works with Google Chrome,” it is quickly become popular in the SEO community because of  huge amount of information sharing. The best par of this site tool that it cover’s from standard metrics affecting SEO success to overlays in Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, Google SERP, Yahoo SERP, and Bing SERP.


SEO Quake Browser Plugin

Awesome SEO browser plug-ins, the main key feature of this tool is an extremely powerful overlay of string that leverage SEO success, right on top of higher search engines rankings.


Majestic SEO

The tool provides robust backlink information on over 2.4 trillion unique URLs (as of Sept 3). Majestic SEO is free to try out but link information for external back links by type requires free registration. For detail reports there is a reasonable price which starts around $15/month.


Open Site Explorer

Famous &  powerful tool created by SEOmoz, this easy to use tool measures and compares link popularity of websites, top pages on a domain, and anchor text distribution. Although the free version gives you enough information to start with your website auditing report & analysis but with subscriptions start at $79/month empowers you to reach out to mammoth length information.


Experian Hitwise

Advanced competitive intelligence reporting including website traffic analysis, detailed industry/category rankings, search intelligence, clickstream analysis and demographics overview.

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