Search Engines use software called Bots or Spiders to scour the web.Search Engines use software called Bots or Spiders to scour the web. These Bots and Spiders find new websites and web pages by following links on a web page. Once they find a web page, they “read” the text-based content…and the Search Engine stores this data into a huge library called an Index. Lets take an example of online world no.1 search engine “Google” When you search for something with it the Search Engine reaches into its gigantic Index and before displaying a list of web pages it uses its Algorithm to calculate which ones best match your search query then it eventually presents you with search results that are related to your query which leads you to the website you were looking for.

New web site is posted, linked to, or has its content altered…how search engine come to know?

Now You Know How Search Engines Work!

Online searching or generally we called it Search is among the most disruptive innovations of our time. It influences what we buy and where we go. It shapes how we learn and what we believe. And offcourse it is other side of the coin where search engines are the smart application who works around the human intent to find things online.

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Search Engines Anatomy
Nawaz Shahzad

Nawaz Shahzad

My name is Nawaz Shahzad and my strengths are Strategic Internet Marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Direct Response Engagements, Online Conversion Techniques, Social Media Optimization & Marketing, Mobile Advertising and Online Brand Reputation Management. For last 11 years i worked for top names in the online marketing industry. Currently working for one of worlds biggest media agency in UAE as an marketing consultant. Some of the industries i worked for are Airline Clients, Top Banks, International Automative Clients, Top Hotels, Telecommunication companies and many more...

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