Paid Search Marketing also known as (PPC) has historically been about new traffic, acquisitions and leads. But thanks to integrated marketing evolution which is now actively penetrating into developing branding tactic. SEO/ PPC  combination has already took off and can be used to reach significantly in a different way to address online audience.

Similarly local search emerges as a buzz in search engine optimization, and it is also making a vibration in the paid search arena.

Increasing Web traffic is the number one objective for search marketers. On average paid search campaigns account for nearly 30% of inbound Web traffic. However 40% of businesses receive less than 10% of their Web traffic through paid search. But fact of the matter is that PPC traffic can convert at a higher rate, particularly when a campaign has been tested and well optimized to discover which keywords convert to sales. PPC is also a great choice for regulating traffic volumes.

PPC & SEO Work Together To Bring In Leads

During last two years majority of online marketers agree that SEO and PPC are both essential in search engine marketing, many favor one over the other. However PPC and SEO emerged as best combination to one another and two can produce results. Marketing Sherpa 2012 SEM report states that 45 percent of marketers obtain between 25-50% of their total leads from PPC and SEO.

A key element in maximizing both PPC and SEO performance is to leverage each discipline’s strengths. Normaly SEO takes time to develop and demand different set of tactics and exercise in place. So to fill the time gap and getting and staying in coveted top spots PPC is a right choice which can bring about extended flows of traffic, leads and revenue.

PPC enhances SEO in a number of ways and the most important one is that marketers can use paid search marketing to find out which keywords actually drive traffic and convert and thus they can optimize the web pages for those keywords and eventually get organic traffic as a twin treat.

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PPC & SEO Work Together To Bring Leads
Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan

Rehan is an Online Search - Social Media & Conversion Specialist. As senior marketing professional he possesses over 11 years experience in this industry. In today's world where the real commitment and client sincerity has lost its meaning, he is not ready to let go the golden era of 80's. For a peace of mind, he loves to hang around in quarries across UK discovering underwater nature as a trained scuba diver.

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