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The Middle East have approximately 65 million web users nowadays, showing that Arabic gain strength and is now seventh most spoken language on the digital front.

Web Search Middle East Statistics

Some interesting statistics on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 

  • Within the last 2 years internet penetration has grown on average by 228%
  • Google searches have now reached the 100 million count, the global count on the other hand is 4 billion
  • 13% of all Google searches within MENA are now conducted through mobile devices
  • In Saudi Arabia alone mobile search is growing at 200%
  • There are currently 280 million Arabic speakers in the world
  • 45.9 million internet users search in Arabic
  • Whilst 9 million search in Arabic outside the MENA region
  • Still Arabic online content constitutes only 1.5% of global totals
  • Egypt is the second country in terms of the number of search queries after Saudi Arabia
  • The United Arabic Emirates are the third fastest growing country in regard to search queries

It’s not all in Arabic in MENA

  • 539 million people living in MENA are English speaking
  • UAE 80% of the search volume is in English
  • Whilst 66% of MENA searches are conducted in English
  • 54% of Google searches in MENA are now made in Arabic, 34% in English, 8% in French
  • 70%-80% of web users search in Arabic in Egypt and Saudi Arabia
  • French is still widely spoken and altogether accounts for 73 million in MENA (Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, etc.)

What Factors Leverage Local Visibility?

Google still prefers cc TLDs, which provide the most obvious signals about the audience a site is targeting. For e.g. among the first things what search crawlers like to know is where the site is hosted?
Other related influencers;

  • What language the website is hosted in + Local address information
  • Google webmaster tools geo-targeting setting
  • However many options do exist whereas cc LTDs usually works best, but sub domains and sub directories can be effective too
  • It’s crucial to provide local country content  +  local links pointing to site


Nawaz Shahzad

Nawaz Shahzad

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