The question I always get asked, that how to optimise Display campaign effectively for both low and high budget campaigns? Here is the answer

It’s always best to create two campaigns:

  • Discovery Campaign
  • Placement Campaign

First: Low budget Campaign (find treasures)

Second: High budget Campaign (after)

Start with Discovery Campaign

  • For small budget use manage placement
  • For discovery campaign use the auto setting.

1. Setup content keyword ad group.

– Don’t be afraid to use very similar ad groups

2. Run the placement performance report including URL’s.

– Click on the URL’s

– If the sites not matching your themes then recognise your keywords

– If the sites are not matching your themes then continue forward

3. When a site spending money and leading to conversion, block it in the discovery campaign and add it to the placement campaign.

4. Run the placement performance report to set your placement bids based upon cost per action.

5. Use two campaign when have good budget

6. Single placement performance when have low budget

7. Always look for cost per conversion metric when using display network.

Low / High Budget Display Campaign Optimisation
Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan

Rehan is an Online Search - Social Media & Conversion Specialist. As senior marketing professional he possesses over 11 years experience in this industry. In today's world where the real commitment and client sincerity has lost its meaning, he is not ready to let go the golden era of 80's. For a peace of mind, he loves to hang around in quarries across UK discovering underwater nature as a trained scuba diver.

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