What? Where?  Seeking information online with the intention of making a deal offline and for that
purpose results served from multiple sources:

  • search engines
  •  mobile search (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry)
  •  local directories (Yelp, Insider Pages, Super Pages)
  •  location aware platforms

Local data and local search results are data that users rely on to be 100% accurate. It could be that they’ve been taught from a young age that maps are accurate. Think back to when you’d use an Atlas or Encyclopedia (I know…what’s that?), and you’d analyze the specific details of a topographical map, or the exact scale used to measure distances. The thought never crossed your mind that much of this data could simply be wrong. Even in more recent digital history, when people enter in an address in their car’s GPS unit, they don’t assume it will be wrong some of the time. People expect perfect data in maps.

  1. 17% of Google SERPs show maps
  2. 70% of all searches with local intent
  3. 20% of all searches are local (2.8 billion/month globally), upwards 50% in mobile search
  4. Fastest growing area of search!
  5. 82% of local searchers follow up offline with in-store visit, phone call or purchase
  6. Over 50% of maps usage now coming from mobile (up from 40% only 2 months ago!)
  7. 35% of ALL searches are local
  8. 60 million Google Places globally, 6 million owner-verified (3 million in USA only) – huge opportunities!

Google has a responsibility to ensure local data is accurate because local data is the bridge between search and the real world. And when information is wrong in local, it leads to real world consequences.


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Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan

Rehan is an Online Search - Social Media & Conversion Specialist. As senior marketing professional he possesses over 11 years experience in this industry. In today's world where the real commitment and client sincerity has lost its meaning, he is not ready to let go the golden era of 80's. For a peace of mind, he loves to hang around in quarries across UK discovering underwater nature as a trained scuba diver.

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