Purpose of Leads:

As a digital marketer we all need to have a constant source of quality sales leads and most of us are always on the lookout for sources to get new leads. Often the success or failure of a salesperson is in the way that they manage their lead list.

Why lead generation:

There are several benefits for both sellers and buyers in Lead Generation. One most important factor for service providers or sellers is that they meet the right prospect and are given the opportunity to pitch for selling their services or products.

This gives an indication that sellers are not just wasting the time with a non-serious customer.

Lead generation & its funnels:

Lead for any business activity is generated by the following ways;

  • Advertising- (Print Ads in magazines, news papers, etc)
  • Online Advertising- (Website, Mailers, Portals, Submissions, pay per click, SMM, SEM, Articles, etc)
  • Mass mailers- (Brochure/ Flyer to database or leads)
  • Trade shows/Events
  • Cold calling/ Tele marketing
  • Outdoor Activities- (Site branding, Hoardings, Signage’s, Posts, etc)

All the above activities help generating leads for the product, those leads has to be categorized and treated accordingly.

  • Web Enquiry
  • Events
  • Phone calls
  • Advertisements


Is Lead Generation a Myth?
Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan

Rehan is an Online Search - Social Media & Conversion Specialist. As senior marketing professional he possesses over 11 years experience in this industry. In today's world where the real commitment and client sincerity has lost its meaning, he is not ready to let go the golden era of 80's. For a peace of mind, he loves to hang around in quarries across UK discovering underwater nature as a trained scuba diver.

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