Good news is that the Internet keeps on sprawling everyday with new ways & forms but a Bad news is that it’s getting harder to be found?  Core of any marketing platform moves around the simple principle of supply & demand equation and thus internet is now become a market place with billion of consumers and constantly growing.

“Baseline Definition of e-Marketing …identifying, understanding, creating and meeting a segment of human and social needs, wants, desires, and wishes Digitally.”

Internet marketing more than just your website

Fundamental Advantages of Internet Marketing

  • Democratization of advertising
  • Reach:  Collapsing barriers of time & space
  • Lower risk of product / services innovation
  • Lower cost / higher ROI
  • Ability to reach increasingly fragmented markets
  • Streamline business process
  • Invent new business models
  • Target underserved segments
  • Lower price barrier
  • New delivery methods to reduce expenditure and pricing
  • Create more efficient marketplace
  • Create a “virtuous cycle


So What Digital Marketers Need To Do:

  • Create an E-marketing plan
  • Choose top level domain name early
  • Choose  & trademark branded domains
  • Design & linkage
  • Relationship of all internal websites to target customers, industry sites, suppliers, business sites, portals, blogs
  • Infrastructure: Who will host sites, applications, and associated servers
  • SEO plan and strategy for your websites
  • Indexing
  • Real-time analytics
  • Communication utilities
  • E-mail, IM, real-time voice, weblogs
  • E-mail list management and opt in / out best practice (CAN-SPAM ACT)
  • Online advertising or “soft branding”
  • E-commerce site
  • Drive traffic


Internet Marketing Basics
Nawaz Shahzad

Nawaz Shahzad

My name is Nawaz Shahzad and my strengths are Strategic Internet Marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Direct Response Engagements, Online Conversion Techniques, Social Media Optimization & Marketing, Mobile Advertising and Online Brand Reputation Management. For last 11 years i worked for top names in the online marketing industry. Currently working for one of worlds biggest media agency in UAE as an marketing consultant. Some of the industries i worked for are Airline Clients, Top Banks, International Automative Clients, Top Hotels, Telecommunication companies and many more...

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