Chapter Summary: Media Buying and Management

Today, there seem to be dozens of “platforms” available to assist marketers find the right audience through display advertising. Being effective means enlisting one, and perhaps several, platform technologies to gain workflow efficiency, deliver campaign performance, and get access to important campaign measurement metrics. Determining which platforms you should employ requires a deep needs assessment that takes into account how much efficiency these systems can deliver, versus their overall cost.

The most important elements to choosing your workflow platform are;

  1. inventory alignment
  2. ad server integration
  3. access campaign datas in real time/one interface
  4. Billing system integration
  5. Trading desks access to evaluate reports & optimization approaches
  6. Access to higher quality exchange inventory
  7. DSP (demand side platform) should train you to use the provided technology & optimizing techniques
  8. Private exchanges give access to Tier 1 inventory for bidding
  9. Audience measurement through utilizing 3rd party data to validate the audience
  10. SSP (supply side platform) audience profiling with available third party online & offline datasets

After all the planning is done, the hard work of digital media execution begins. This is where digital agencies and advertisers face the largest challenges—and have the most opportunity in terms of leveraging technology to earn more margins. With all the new technology and access to data would be tempting.

Most would agree that digital has had the greatest impact on the media process. Although the directional guidance above suggests a full service cost that can be two times that of traditional, the comparable costs noted above for media alone indicate a cost of service per dollar of media spend, which is generally three to five times greater than traditional media planning and buying services.


Display Advertising the Core of Digital Marketing
Nawaz Shahzad

Nawaz Shahzad

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