Optimizing Onsite Content Moves Around The Digital Philosophy Of  Developing n Creating A Fresh Content + How to Fix The Wrong Direction.


Content Optimization is not only a theory anymore, but a real time take in today’s vibrant digital marketing landscape. Look at all of the delivery methods that must be produced for,  Look at the different purposes. Just a few years ago we weren’t really creating content for lead generating purposes and maybe not even the aggressive lead generation of today.


However we have also learned and found a need to accommodate a demand for much higher volume of content. We need to be able to tailor and personalize content so that it captures and grasp attention. We need to be able to maintain content, share it and re-use it so we justify the investment in this content and extend its shelf life….ultimately this is to get a bigger return on content.

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The sum of these tactics is Optimized Content Marketing. When these three marketing tactics are deliberately executed together within an optimized content marketing campaign, the results are:

  • improved and prolonged organic search rankings
  • increased impressions
  • increased likelihood of clicks
  • click throughs
  • conversions and leads

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Content Optimization in a Nut Shell: Solid, relevant & engaging content earns search positions and motivates visitors to take action. Content development is about appealing to current and potential customers. You have to talk to your market, let them know about your company, your products or services, your expertise. Once they find your Website, do they have any reason to stay there? Your Website should be more than just sales pitches and product specifications. Your Website should offer Internet users a glimpse into your world of expertise.

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Digital Content Delivery Methods & What To Gain From Them

Content Delivery 

Social Media
Website Landing Page
Mobile Advertising
Products & Services

 Purpose & Objective

Lead Generation
Lead Nurturing
Customer Communications
Presentations & Briefings
E-book / White Papers
Attracting Local Audience
Research Report

It’s always remember that content development is done with consumers in mind. Likewise content optimization is done with search engines, social media networks & other verticals in mind. Therefore its very important to know whether your digital content architect is a professional with a current digital consumer knowledge & local market understanding?

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Content Optimization – What To Focus
Nawaz Shahzad

Nawaz Shahzad

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