Why Is Voice Search? Will It Be The Perfect Solution For Local SEO?

 “Voice Search is a next historical transition on a landscape of hyper active digital canvas-The shift in searching pattern from text to voice may take another year or so to see its popularity among searchers, this will also strike hard on search strategist to find out and evaluate the voice searched phrases to build up their action plan”.

Products like Siri & Google Now are the reasons why Voice Search is going to be the future: Historical Background Of The IDEA

Siri: Designed for iOS, it works as a knowledge navigator & personal assistant. It lets you control the iPhone with your voice. You can command Siri to make phone calls, read e-mails, post Social Media updates, and so on.

Google Now: Designed for Android OS, it works as a knowledge navigator & personal assistant. It lets you control the phone with your voice. It attempts to anticipate your needs and bring up information before you ask for it.

Google is the biggest stakeholder in this who is creating a new daunting challenges for its competitors (Yahoo & Bing). However its not still clear that what will be the future of text search? since we are also seeing a great leap of online search traffic which are growing more & more on mobile devices and their we’ll find again google as major player with android platform. Growing sale & usage of android smartphones (samsung & others) has outclass Apple IOS in 2013 where tally is showing 75% (android) to 15% (IOS)-And this has strengthen the narrative and given a key reason to replace semantic text search with voice search.

Google Voice Search

On the other hand Local SEO will also greatly benefited with this surge in popularity of Voice Search. And as it is relatively new, now is the perfect time to start optimizing…

Rise of mobile phone usage for internet access in recent years has given an opening to Voice Search Queries these are often related to the immediate, local needs. Currently Voice Search focuses more on natural language queries, rather than a string of keywords. Local & regional businesses will be the first one who benefited from this and ultimately Local Search will gain importance. Likewise in the start Voice Search gives the chance to target broader & less competitive search terms. So when you guys are planning to optimize this new phenomenon 🙂

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Birth Of Voice Search On A Road To Replace Semantic Text Search
Nawaz Shahzad

Nawaz Shahzad

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