Digital Marketing looks very different now than it was couple of years back. New age digital marketers incessantly probing new verticals & channels to identify their target groups and lift the company’s marketing results to a new height.

Holistic marketing approach will allow them to build cohesion among the digital verticals, whereas a consistent plan widen the funnel to engage them more effectively online.

It’s no surprise that B2B marketing is in a process of adapting 360 degree change. Whereas digital marketing professionals are under great pressure to perform & deliver results with significant program and investments. Digital Marketing Community conducted the 2013 lead generation survey to better understand how B2B marketers are adjusting to new challenges, and to identify new trends and best practices. B2B companies are consistently sketching their Web strategy in order to identify prospective customers and capture their rightful information, so that they can be bring up over time toward a potential sale.

Content Marketing Adoption Remains Steady at 90% of Marketers. In general, B2B marketers are using the same mix of tactics as they did in the previous study (average of 8 tactics in both years). Some notable increases:

• Blogs (27% increase) • White papers (19% increase) • Videos (27% increase)

B2B Digital Strategy

  There are three key components of digital consolidation:

1) Centralizing control over marketing technology
Due to the growth in spend on marketing technologies and the opportunities for scale, most marketing organizations seek to bring greater rigor, control, and a pan-organizational mentality to technology decisions.

2) Broadening Marketing’s ownership of the corporate website
In shifting their website’s focus from technical functionality to customer engagement.

3) Establishing digital centers of excellence
Many organizations come to adopt the competency center for key practice areas—particularly paid search advertising, social media, e-mail marketing, and display advertising.

B2B Digital Strategy - Key Channels

Its very important that  primary marketing goal is to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions. Marketers need to identify the key channels of engagement at every stage of the marketing funnel. 

Strengthen your company brand identity with right digital marketing activation. If your company has gone to a lot of offline expense to establish a branding strategy, then certainly you want your site to reinforce that strategy as consistently as possible. Broadcast the company’s message through a company web site.  The return on your web strategy should be similar, if not greater.

Most B2B companies find their web program to be more efficient (lower cost for same return, or greater return for same cost) than traditional marketing methods…which goes a long way toward explaining why virtually every B2B company now has a web strategy effort of some scale.

B2B Digital Strategy Cycle

Key Takes…

  1. Re-defining the digital marketing funnel for B2B business
  2. How to ensure full control on each phase of the Marketing funnel
  3. How to represent your brand in the modern digital world
  4. A Full Spectrum strategic approach to online visibility and performance measurement

Winning Moves – Digital Marketing is about vision, strategy, tactics and activity

B2B Goals for Content Marketing

Give your business a competitive business edge by providing an ongoing strategic vision and ensure successful tactical implementation. Enter in the right spaces and make right conversations with right people.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy In Coming Years
Nawaz Shahzad

Nawaz Shahzad

My name is Nawaz Shahzad and my strengths are Strategic Internet Marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Direct Response Engagements, Online Conversion Techniques, Social Media Optimization & Marketing, Mobile Advertising and Online Brand Reputation Management. For last 11 years i worked for top names in the online marketing industry. Currently working for one of worlds biggest media agency in UAE as an marketing consultant. Some of the industries i worked for are Airline Clients, Top Banks, International Automative Clients, Top Hotels, Telecommunication companies and many more...

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One thought on “B2B Digital Marketing Strategy In Coming Years

  1. I agree with you Nawaz. But unfortunately most B2B companies still struggling to understand the value of marketing funnel. I am not talking about Analytics marketing funnel here but the front-end and back-end of their business. You cannot make digital successful until you have a right bait at the front-end and do all the selling from back-end.

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